Beautiful Timber Stairs

Auckland, Warkworth, Matakana
Stairs with expert joinery can make a huge statement in your home. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen can create any type of bespoke timber staircase finished to the highest standards and with great attention to detail. We make and assemble our staircases in our joinery factory in Warkworth but can transport them to fit them at your building, home or renovation from Matakana to anywhere in Auckland. Mahurangi Joinery custom manufactures all timber staircases to customers’ specifications.

Building stairs requires a special set of joinery skills and an incredible amount of painstaking precision. We make stairs the traditional way, routed, wedged and precise so that they will not squeak or move. Get timber stairs properly built by experts.

Staircase Design

First Impression
Stairs can be anything from a basic functional straight flights design, to angled, curved, open or closed treads, kite winder flights, cut strings and space savers. Mahurangi Joinery are experts at all different styles of staircases and stair treads. We can custom makes stairs in any era or design, or can design something unique.

We enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful custom made stairs. Call on 09 425 9849 or email to us and we’ll create something special for you.